Calvin Klein Cape Coat on a Rainy day


Casual Look for a Rainy day, wearing a Calvin Klein Cape Coat


Hi all,

Here’s another look form last Sunday, after we finally got a break from a whole weekend of heavy rain. We got so much rain over the past weekend in LA that caused in flooding so many of the streets but at the same time everywhere you look at it’s soo green (I haven’t seen Los Angeles this green and beautiful ever before). I have been eyeing this bush at the corner of our street and I was dying to take some picture in front of it, so I was so happy when I saw that it’s blooming and the rain and damage hasn’t been ruining it. Anyways I hope you all had a great day (or still have a great day a head of you!) and as always ‘d love to hear from you!



Cape Coat: Calvin Klein

White Jeans: J.Crew

Cross-body: Marc Jacobs (sold out, similar here)

Shoe: Eileen Fisher (Last seen here)



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