New Favorite Embroidered Hem Mesh Maxi Dress

Those of you who know me in the real life know that I don’t own or wear many dark clothes, I don’t really know the reason, but every time I go shopping I go for the bright and colorful clothes! so recently I decided to add a few darker shades of color to my closet (until I am ready for my all black outfit 🙂 ) and I found this super cute and fun embroidered mesh maxi dress from boohoo on asos website. If you have purchased any boohoo clothes before, they are very affordable and also very fun and unique. the dress I am wearing is from asos but I found similar style dress on forever 21 website as well, I have added all the links below.

Hope you all have a great Sunday and let me know if you are also like me and love colorful clothes so that I don’t feel alone 😉



Dress: Boohoo from Asos (also here directly from boohoo website), and here are some similar styles from forever 21  also love this dress from forever 21



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